Couples Counselling

I am a fully qualified Relate trained Couples Counsellor, with a Level 5 Diploma in Relationship Counselling, and have provided ongoing support to many couples as a volunteer relationship counsellor at the Relate centre in Leicester and within my private practice.

Couples counselling can provide a safe space for you to explore issues that are causing tensions within your relationship, to understand where these may have originated and how they play out, often in a repeating loop, within the current scenarios of your relationship together and explore new ways of relating.

Areas that I have worked with are: communication difficulties, ongoing/escalating arguments, affection/intimacy, affairs, couple identity, lack of quality time, sexual issues, as well as supporting couple relationships that have changed due to life events such as: having children, children leaving home, mental health, redundancy, bereavement, illness or accident (couple roles changing to patient/carer).  Couples may also come to counselling to seek support following the decision to separate.

Initially couples will attend the first counselling session together so that I can learn more about the issues that you both feel are present in the relationship and then attend an individual session each.  Couples often find these individual sessions really beneficial in being able to explore in more detail their own experience of the issues being dealt with.

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